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Game Day Updates and Parent Messages

Welcome to all new members of the FO1 family and greetings again to those that have been with us previously. We are thrilled to again have an opportunity to serve you and our communities in providing youth sports leagues. As you know, at FO1’s core, we care deeply about positively influencing our youth and helping prepare them for an effective and productive future. Please read through the important information below as we kick-off the Spring 7-on-7 season this Friday March 27, 2015 @5:30 p.m.

Please help us by communicating this information to all family and relatives that are coming to attend the games so that they will be informed. Some parents have not setup email addresses in the system. Please check with your teams to ensure all are receiving these weekly updates.


Please see the note below on where your son will be playing this season. Also, find the campus maps of the locations that further describe the exact field locations for each game.

  • Morton Ranch HS (7/8th, 9th/Sub-varsity, 4th/5th grade)
  • Morton Ranch JH (4/5th grade)
  • Beckendorff JH (2nd/3rd grade) 

4th/5th grade parents, please note that due to the size of the division, all games could not be played on the two fields at Morton Ranch JH. Therefore, a 3rd location was required so each week a different team will have to move to Morton Ranch HS for the 2nd game. We will ensure to allow for enough time to travel – but please move quickly to ensure we do not lose sunlight.

*Please note: playoff and championship games will be played at the Morton Ranch campus on May 1, 2015 for all divisions except high school.  The online schedule can be found here. Please bookmark this site! The schedule should be uploaded by Tuesday morning 24-Mar.


Please ensure to park in designated parking spots. If you park in non-designated locations, your vehicle will be subject to being towed. Morton Ranch now has “no parking” signs along the driveways that go around the campus. Please use designated parking areas as displayed on the attached campus maps or you not only run the risk of tow, but you could potentially be blocking the flow of emergency services. Before you park there (in a hurry) think about if your child was injured and the emergency vehicle could not get to your child fast enough due to blocked driveways. We will share the campus with many sporting events including high school baseball, softball, or other activities, please exercise patience and try to get there early.

FO1 Ettiquette:

All parents, coaches, players, and spectators are welcomed to participate in our FO1 Moment that occurs at approx. 5:15p or 5 mins before the first game of the night. This is an opportunity to set the right atmosphere as One Family participating in the sport of football in a respectful way. This week’s FO1 moment will be focused around New Beginnings and can be found here.

Feel free to review with your team/child how new starts, clean slates, and forgiveness tie together. Please remember that FO1’s main focus is the kids so ensure that you review the parent, player, and coach Code of Conduct and adhere to the guidelines found here. It’s imperative that our youth see the best in all of us no matter the circumstance (s).

Please respect all campuses by obeying the signs, EMTs, Officers, and FO1 volunteers as we want to ensure we remain in good standing with those we are accountable to. Please keep all children off of the school equipment such as track and field jumping pits, pole vaulting, football training sleds, etc. We do not want any injuries nor damage to KISD property.

Each team is responsible for its own trash. Trash receptacles will be available at/around each campus field so please ensure before you leave your area your team cleans their trash after each game.

Home & Visitor Sidelines:

7-on-7 is played on a 45-yd field. When facing the end zone, the visiting team will be on the right sideline and the home team will be on the left sideline. Please adhere to this guideline for consistency.

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